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Wood and Composite Decking in MD and DC

red chairs around a table with an umbrella up on a low to the ground composite deck

Wood and Composite Decking in Maryland and DC

Chevy Chase Exteriors can resurface your deck with either composite or wood boards in Montgomery County, Maryland and Northwest DC. Both composite and wood decks have their advantages and disadvantages and it is important to know the pros and cons of each in order to make an informed decision. 


Composite decking is made from recycled plastic and recycled wood.

Pros for Composite Decking in Maryland and DC

Environmentally Conscious

Because no new trees are cut down and plastic is kept out of the landfill, composite is a great choice for the environment.

Less Maintenance

Rather than worrying about sealing and staining on a routine basis, composite decks just need to be cleaned with mild cleaner once a year and swept on a regular basis.

More Resistant 

Composite decks are more resistant to mold and rot than wood decks, a definite plus when in a climate such as Maryland or DC.

Barefoot friendly

Because composite doesn’t splinter, it is safe to walk on barefoot. 


Upfront cost

The upfront cost of a composite deck is significantly more than that of a wood deck, though over the lifetime of the deck it is likely to average out about the same from save costs in maintenance. 

No Changing Color

The color you pick when the decking is installed cannot be changed down the road. This is in contrast to a wood deck where the stain or paint color can be changed periodically.


Wood is another popular decking material in the Maryland and DC area. 



Wood offers a traditional and classic look to a deck.


The upfront cost of wood is significantly lower than that of composite. 

Changing looks

Whatever color you want you can have. And you can change your mind in a few years too. (Although this is much harder if you’ve painted the deck rather than stained it).



Wood decks require regular staining and sealing in order to keep the wet out–a definite concern in the Maryland and D.C. area.


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