Why Hire a Professional Pressure Washer?

Exterior cleaning a roof is part of home maintenance

When it comes to cleaning, there are plenty of benefits to hiring a professional pressure washer. Here are four things you should take into account before cleaning your home’s exterior:

  • Safety

Although you may think pressure washing would be an easy task to learn quickly, it’s a job best left to the professionals. Trying to pressure wash without proper knowledge and experience can be dangerous—both to you and your property.  Pressure washing machines are not simple tools to use; they are intense no matter the size of the machine. Professional pressure washers are trained, licensed, and insured to protect themselves and their customers.  If a problem occurs, they will have the knowledge and the tools to fix it.

  • Property Damage

The last thing you want to happen when cleaning your home is to cause damage to it.  If you run into problems—think mold, rot, and hard-to-reach places—while pressure washing, chances are you will need to contact a professional to remedy the situation. The pros will know what to do when those tricky unexpected variables come into play, ensuring you get the most out of a pressure washing.

  • Accurate Cleaning

Not all cleaning solutions are suitable for you home’s exterior.  While a homemade mixture might not cause damage, there’s no telling how long the cleaning solution’s effects will actually last. When you hire a professional, the surface being cleaned will be taken into account, from the material’s porosity to the effects of the sun.  This, in conjunction with the correct pressure washing settings and temperature, guarantees the cleanest results.

  • Saves Time and Money

The pros will get the job done faster and more effectively than a DIY cleaning can. Hiring a professional pressure washer saves money in the long run, because the results will last much longer.  Plus, there’s no need to purchase, store, or maintain any equipment.  You could use the extra time on your hands to tackle another home improvement project—or just relax!

Visit our pressuring washing page or call us at 202-981-0468 to learn more about our pressure washing services.  We help customers with all of their deck cleaning and maintenance needs in lower Montgomery County, MD and Northwest DC.

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