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Why Choose Composite Decking

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“That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”

William Shakespeare


It might not matter what you call a rose, but when it comes to decks, there are differences between wood and composite decking. If you’re considering resurfacing your deck, you should know some benefits to different types of decking. 


What is composite?

Composite is a mixture of recycled plastic and recycled wood. 


Why should you choose composite decking over wood?


Less maintenance.

Unlike a wood deck, a composite deck does not need to be stained, sanded, or sealed. Just a quick rinse with a mild cleaner in the spring is enough to maintain it. Nor do you have to  worry about moisture seeping in and warping planks if not properly sealed. 

No Splinters! 

Composite boards are completely safe for barefoot kids and pets to relax and play on without worrying about splinters, because unlike wood, which will eventually splinter, composite doesn’t.

Environmentally conscious.

 Composite decks are made from recycled materials, making them a sustainable and eco-friendly chose over wood.


They won’t mold and rot like wood will, and although they are more expensive at first, they will pay for themselves overtime with the lower maintenance requirement  


Although the early composite planks looked like they were made of plastic, now many are available with realistic wood grains pressed in. Modern composite decks are an attractive option.



It’s true that wood is cheaper initially, but composite will pay for the difference very quickly with money saved from the lack of maintenance. Overall, composite is an excellent choice when resurfacing or building a deck.

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