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Tips on setting up an outdoor entertaining space

In these unpredictable times, more and more people are choosing to entertain outdoors for health and safety reasons. If you don’t already have an outdoor entertaining space, now is the perfect time to set one up. Here are some simple steps for doing so.

Do all needed maintenance 

If you’re putting your space on a deck you’ll want to start by making sure the deck is in tip top shape; it may need to be stained or have repairs done. If using a patio you may wish to pressure wash first. It’ll be easier to do all needed maintenance before you add furniture, and it will make the whole area look better and last longer.

Decide on a use

Do you want a fire pit? Or what about a conversation space with couches and a coffee table? An outdoor cooking space with a dining area? Envisioning how you’ll use the space is imperative to designing it.  Afterall, if all you really want is couches for conversation, there’s no need to put in a grill. 

Pick out furniture

Picking out furniture for your outdoor entertaining space can be difficult. The first step is to decide what kind of furniture you want (couches vs dining set, for example). Then read our guide for picking outdoor furniture.

Set up lighting and shade

Lighting for when you entertain at night is a must, as is shade for those hot summer afternoons.

Shade can be as simple as an umbrella, or as complex as a retractable awning. You can even involve nature and place your furniture under a tree, or use a trellis with plants on it.  It can be as simple or as elaborate as your desires and budget allow. The same is true for lighting. Whether you choose to install custom lights, or simply use battery operated lanterns.


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