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3 Reasons to Install Gutter Guards

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What are the reasons to install gutter guards? Gutter guards and covers serve as filters to keep debris from clogging your gutters’ troughs.  At the same time, they allow water to flow through you gutter to draw water away from your roof.  Without proper water flow, your home’s support is in danger; mold, water spots, and a weekend foundation can be a result.  If you are wondering whether the investment is worth it, read on to learn three reasons to install gutter guards:


Cleaning is easier and less frequent with the aid of gutter guards.  Although gutters still need to be cleaned, brushing leaves off the top of guards is much easier than the alternative.  If you want to significantly extend the results of a professional gutter cleaning, installing gutter guards is one of the best long-term investments you can make.


Gutter guards can prevent your home and lawn from being damaged by a number of causes.  Pests are less likely to take up residence in gutters with guards, because of a lack of nesting materials and standing water.  Runoff water can cause flooding, which brings mold and decay with it; gutter guards help keep water flowing properly.  Avoiding expensive property damage is an important reason to install gutter guards.


Even though they cost money to install initially, gutter guards will actually save you money in the long run.  Since gutters with guards require fewer cleanings, you will save money on supplies or services—plus, you will save time.  Not only would you save money on fewer cleanings, however; the damages avoided also reduce the need for more home maintenance.

Interested in installing gutter guards?  At Chevy Chase Exteriors, we provide quality gutter cleaning and gutter guard installations to all of Northwest DC and lower Montgomery County.  Visit our Gutter page or call 301-655-1740 to learn more about our services.

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