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The Importance of Deck Repair

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Deck Renovations

Although deck repair can leave your outdoor space looking brand new, the main purpose of doing repairs is  for safety.  There are plenty of ways someone can accidentally hurt themselves on a deck if it is in disrepair; rotting boards may collapse, nails can lead to tripping, and railings might give way when leaned against.  One of the worst possibilities is a raised deck collapsing while occupied.  Because decks always face the elements, they can wear down quickly.  Sun, rain, and snow can all impact the health of your deck.  Luckily, proper maintenance can keep your deck functional for years to come.  Here are common problems that can be solved with deck repair:

Mold & Mildew

Not only are mold and mildew unsightly; they also make your deck a slipping hazard while eating away at the wood.  The growths can also be a danger to people, too, since the spores that some molds release have the potential to cause respiratory infections and allergic reactions.

Wood Rot

If any wood on your deck is soft or spongy, decay is almost always the cause.  Insects such as carpenter bees can bore into the wood, bringing structural damage with them.  Decks with a large amount decay are unstable and likely to collapse.  A professional inspection can clarify whether the boards need replacements or not.

Loose Railings

Railings are meant to protect people from falling over the ledge of a deck—therefore it’s imperative that your deck’s railings are healthy.  If your railings do not feel stable, it may be time to contact a professional to repair them.

If you want a professional’s expertise on deck repairs, visit our deck page or call us at 202-981-0468.  We would be happy to help you  make the most of your outdoor space! We help customers with all of their deck cleaning and maintenance needs in lower Montgomery County, MD and Northwest DC.

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