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Small Space Home Offices


If you’re tired of working from home at the dining room table, it might be time to put in a home office. You’ve read our blog on how a handyman can help, but there’s just no space. You weren’t thinking about working from home when you bought your house. Where should you put your home office when there’s not an extra room for it?

Under the stairs

One creative spot to put a home office is under the stairs. If you have a closet there, you may wish to do some remodeling, and make it a more open space by removing the door. If it is structurally feasible, you may wish to remove the entire section of wall as well, giving a much more open feel. Of course, if the space under the stairs is already open, you can skip these steps.

In a closet

While setting aside space in a walk-in closet is ideal (although you may wish to enable virtual backgrounds for your Zoom meetings), even a standard closet can work. Pull out all items and shelving and install a desk. 

Utilize a guest room

On the one hand you can turn an unused guest room into a full size office, but if you still need it for guests, there are ways to just use a corner of the room. Install a fold up hanging desk which can be put away when the room needs to convert back to a guest room.


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