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Pressure Washing vs Power Washing

a pressure washed brick patio

Pressure Washing vs Power Washing

We’re here today to tell you about pressure washing vs power washing and how the two differ.

Pressure washing

Pressure washing uses a high pressured stream of water to blast away grime. You should always hire a professional rather than attempt it yourself, to avoid damage to your property. While some surfaces cannot handle very high pressure, here at Chevy Chase Exteriors we have a range of pressure levels available to us, allowing us to clean almost anything.


Power Washing

Power washing is like pressure washing but the industrial machines used have a heating element which means the water used is hot. Therefore with a power washer it is easier to blast away stuck on grime. However some surfaces can be damaged by the heat. At Chevy Chase Exteriors, we always check the levels of dirt, mold, and mildew, as well as the type of surface, before making a decision as to which type of machine we’ll use for a project.


Hiring a Professional

For both types of service it is best to hire a professional company.

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