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Preparing Your Deck For Winter


Not to be all Game of Thrones, but winter is coming. Is your deck prepared?

Put away furniture

The first step to preparing your deck for the winter is to put away furniture and any other items you have on the deck. This not only makes it easier to do the rest of the prep work, it also protects the furniture from the harsh elements of winter.


Next, sweep and remove all debris from the surface of the deck. This prevents moisture build up, as well as algae and mold. It also makes the next step easier.


Inspect the deck for any damage, such as loose railings or rotten boards. You’ll want to repair these sooner rather than later. 

Pressure wash

A good pressure wash will get rid of any grime on your deck. It is recommended that you hire a reputable pressure washing company, rather than trying it yourself, as the wrong equipment can damage your deck.


Lastly, you want to seal your deck for winter. This will keep the moisture from snow and rain from coming in and warping your deck boards.

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