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Outdoor TVs


Why put a TV outdoors

Putting a TV on your deck or patio is a great way to liven up your outdoor entertaining area. If you’re looking to do more entertaining in fresh air for health and safety reasons, an outdoor TV is a great addition. Have friends over to watch a football game, or host a movie night. The possibilities are endless. 


Do you need a specific outdoor TV?

There are specific TVs made to withstand the weather and be visible in sunlight, these are a great option, but expensive. Another option is to build a weatherproof cabinet for an indoor TV. This will help prevent rain and weather damage but will not do much to stop glare from bright sunlight. Placing the TV on a covered deck can however help with glare. 


Specifically designed outdoor TVs are also made with additional fans and ventilation, so that they work in hot conditions, like a Maryland summer. Adding fans and ventilation to a weatherproof cabinet is difficult and will probably not work as well. 


Overall, a specifically made outdoor TV will work much better outdoors than an indoor TV. Though they are heavy and difficult to hang and you may wish to hire a handyman to hang it for you.


What about security?

A TV cabinet can be locked, but if you’re using an outdoor TV it’s important to think about other security measures. If you have a home security system consult with them about what steps to take for outdoor TV. Other things to consider are a buying a commercial anti-theft device.

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