Improve your home office with a handyman

an improved home office with built in shelving

If you’re tired of working from home at the dining room table it might be time to redo a room as a home office. Here are 5 ways you can improve your home office with the help of a handyman


1. Install and hanging/folding desk

If you’re short on space in your new home office, a desk that hangs on the wall and folds up when not in use might be ideal. This one from the Pottery Barn is a simple solution. You can use your laptop on it while at work, and fold the desk up when you want your spare room to go back to being a guest room. A handyman can help install it for you at the right height to improve your home office.

2. Install shelving

Built in shelving is a great option to improve your home office. Built in shelving fits the room better than standard shelves and gives you a place to put a printer, reference material and more. 

3. Build in a desk

If you are permanently converting the room to an office, you may wish to put a custom sized built in desk in. This will allow you to maximize desk space without giving up too much square footage. 

3. Add lighting

One important way to improve a home office is with enough lighting. Working in poor lighting is bad for your eyes, morale, and productivity. A handyman can help by installing additional lights or changing out the lights you have for brighter ones. 

4. Assembling new furniture

One of the simplest ways a handyman can help is just my assembling the new furniture you have bought. Rather than fight with an allen wrench yourself, hire a handyman and let them take care of it for you.



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