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How to have a great looking deck

a grey deck complements this house

Since a deck is basically another room in your house, it is just as important to have a great looking deck as an indoor room. Here are some tips.


Do any needed maintenance

You wouldn’t  try to decorate a room where the wall paper was peeling or the paint was flaking. Why should a deck be any different? In addition to the safety and longevity benefits, maintenance is the first step to a great looking deck.



If you decide to resurface the deck, consider composite. Composite is a much better looking choice than it once was. Chevy Chase Exteriors is proud to use Trex decking, one of the best looking composites on the market with a wide variety of colors available and a beautiful faux grain. 


Paint or stain?

Assuming you’re staying with wood, decide carefully whether you want paint or stain. More information can be found here, at this blog post.



Whether you choose paint or stain, decide on color carefully, it is a lot easier to add bold accents to a neutral color than it is to tone down a bold color. 



A great looking deck is useless without a place to relax on it. Pick comfortable and stylish table and chairs made for the outdoors. If your deck is large enough, consider outdoor couches with a low coffee table.



Pick an accent color that sets off the house and deck well, and is a color you like. This is a great time to use those bold favorite colors. Outdoor designed throw pillows are a great fit for this, toss a few on the chairs or the couch.


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