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How to design a simple outdoor cooking space


Outdoor cooking is great in the summertime when you don’t want to heat up your house, but can be enjoyable throughout much of the year. While an entire outdoor kitchen is desirable, if you’d like something simpler, here’s how to do it.



The keystone of an outdoor cooking area is the grill. There are many considerations to make, do you want gas or charcoal? Both propane and charcoal grills have their pros and cons. Propane grills turn on and off quickly and are great for quick cooking. Charcoal grills will get you more of that unique barbeque flavor. There are also  combo grills that have both charcoal and gas sections.

Table and Chairs

You’ll need a space to eat outside, and a table and chair set will work nicely. There are a wide variety of options to choose from. You’ll probably want a table set at dining room table height rather than a coffee table, to make outdoor eating easier. 

There are options to fit every budget and style, but remember to shop for comfort as well. From this three piece set to this nine piece set, there are tons of possibilities.  Before you buy, take a look at our blog on things to consider when buying outdoor furniture.


You’ll want lighting not only for the area where you’ll be eating, but also over your cooking area, after all you may wish to cook after dark. 

Lighting can be as simple as christmas lights and a battery operated lantern, or as complicated as putting in additional wired lighting. 


Of course you won’t always be cooking and eating in the dark and when you’re eating during the day you’ll want shade. Whether it’s an umbrella or placing the table under a nearby tree, shade will be important for your comfort eating in the warmer months.


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