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How often do decks need maintenance

a brand new board on a deck lying amongst older boards with two hands on top holding it down is part of a carpentry repair

This depends on if you are talking about a wood deck or a composite deck. If a composite deck, see our article here. The rest of this article will be about wood decks. 


Wood decks need different kinds of maintenance on different schedules, and it does depend on the climate where you live. Here are some types of maintenance and how often they should be performed.



A wood deck needs to be sealed every 1-3 years depending on climate. In Maryland and D.C. plan on every 1-2 years. This keeps water from getting in and warping the wood, causing damage and rot. 



A painted wood deck can go up to 10 years, before it will need to be refinished and repainted. However this does not mean that every painted deck will last that long, depending on what paint was used and how well it was applied, as well as climate. If you notice your painted deck peeling, it’s time to call for a refinish and paint.



Decks need repair on an unpredictable schedule. If you notice a board that looks questionable, a loose railing, nails starting to stick up, or anything else you’re worried about, it’s time for a deck repair. 



A wood deck should be resurfaced after about 15 years.


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