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Home improvements for your cat



We’ve talked about home improvements for your dog, but there are also many home improvements that you or a handyman can do that will make your home much more cat friendly. From the easy to the extensive, here are 5 home improvements that can be made to make your home more cat friendly.

1. Catio

Cats enjoy fresh air, but it’s important to keep them safe from cars and predators. Why not build your feline friend a catio? 
The word catio is a combination of “cat” and “patio”. It is a fully enclosed space where a cat can sun himself and enjoy fresh air, without worrying about the dangers of the broader outdoors. They can be made out of wood and chicken wire and can be attached to a window or a sliding door for easy access.

2. Cat Cave

Why not turn the space under your stairs into a secret hide-away for your cats? This gives them a space away from the bustles of everyday life.  If you have children or dogs, creating a cat-only area is extremely useful to allow your felines a space to retreat away from the noise and mayhem
To create a cat cave, put in climbing spaces, scratching surfaces, and bedding. Add a tiny cat sized hole in the door that children or dogs can’t get through and voila!

3. Covered Litter Box

One of the hardest parts about having cats is the age old question of where do you put the litter box. Why not take a cabinet, cut a cat hole in it, and put the litter box in there?  Many cats prefer a covered box, and it will also assist with keeping smells at bay.

4. Cat Fountain

Many cats prefer to drink running water. Some cats will only drink running water. Why not incorporate a decorative fountain for your cat to drink from? Just remember to refill the water so it doesn’t run dry, as the cat is taking water out of it.

5. Install a Window Perch

If you don’t have outdoor space for a catio–or do but want additional spaces for your cat–think about a window perch. A handyman can build a shelf into a window for you. You can then place a cushion there for your cat to sun himself and look out at the birds.

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