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4 Reasons to Hire Gutter Cleaning Services

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Four Reasons to Hire Gutter Cleaning Services

While gutters and downspouts might not be the favorite features of your home, they are important to protect your property. Without proper maintenance, however, they can actually cause damage. Gutter cleaning services have more benefits than just removing the gunk from your gutters. The advantages can protect your home—and your personal safety. Here are four reasons to have your gutters cleaned by a professional:

Basement flooding

The number one cause of basement water problems is clogged gutters—and if your basement becomes flooded, gutter maintenance will be the least of you concerns. Your house could also be at risk of mold if your gutters fail to redirect water away from your basement. You can avoid the problems caused by water damage by having your gutters thoroughly cleaned and inspected.

Accident prevention

When it comes to gutter cleaning, one thing is certain; leaving it to the professionals is in everybody’s interest. The risks of injury from gutter cleaning should not be taken lightly.  Ladders can be dangerous when not used correctly, and falling from one can cause serious injuries or even death.  Hiring trained, insured professionals takes away the worry of potential accidents on your behalf.

 Structural integrity

Along with basement water damage, clogged or broken gutters can cause major structural damage to your home. When your gutters become too full, they can collapse off the roof. This leads to broken shingles and sideboards. Pests can also make their home in your gutters, which increases the likelihood of home infestations. One of the benefits of hiring gutter cleaning services is the inspection they give to your roof and gutters. A professional will be able to spot any potential issues; they can also provide whatever additional repairs they recommend.


Gutter cleaning is dangerous, but homeowners may also find it to be a tedious chore. Professionals have the proper equipment to clean quickly and effectively. The results of a professional cleaning will last far longer, plus you can avoid potential time-consuming issues like water damage or pest infestations by taking preventative measures.

Gutter cleaning and repairs is one of the top exterior cleaning services we offer our customers.  Visit our gutter page or call us at 202-981-0468 to learn more about the services we provide to Northwest DC and lower Montgomery County.

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