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Fall Home Maintenance


It’s officially Fall, so let’s review Fall home maintenance.



If you don’t have gutter guards, you’ll want to clean your gutters. You’ll need to clean your gutters at least once in late Fall, but you may want to clean them multiple times. Also consider investing in gutter guards

Gutter spouts

When cleaning gutters don’t forget the spouts! A plumber’s snake is a great way to get leaves and debris out of your gutter spouts.


You’ll want to check the batteries and expiration dates on both your fire detectors and CO detectors. 

Drain Garden hoses

Don’t forget to drain your garden hoses! Otherwise the water inside will freeze in a Maryland winter and expand, destroying the hose.

Have your chimney cleaned

If you’re going to be using your fireplace this winter, make sure you get your chimney cleaned for health and safety!

Furnace Filter

Change your furnace filter before you turn your furnace on for the first time this Fall.

Clean your ducts

Cleaning your ducts before you turn the heat on will help those with  respiratory problems such as asthma. 

Prune trees and shrubs

Pruning in the Fall encourages healthy growth

Reseed your lawn

Although it may look like your grass isn’t growing, the roots are in fact doing so. Now is the best time to reseed. 

Check your snow equipment

Are your shovels in good condition? What about your snowblower? Whatever you use to move snow should be checked now, before the first snowfall rather than after.

Inspect your roof

If you have any damage to your roof you want to deal with it now, rather than in the winter. A quick inspection now goes a long way to preventing headaches later.

Check handrails

Make sure all handrails can support someone who is trying not to fall on slippery ice.


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