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Exterior Painting Questions

exterior painting

If you’re looking to do exterior painting on your home or business you may have questions. Here are the answers to three common questions on exterior painting. Whether you’re painting your home or business, knowing more about exterior painting can only help you. Be sure to also read about the benefits of exterior painting.


How often should I paint the exterior of my home or business?

This depends on a wide variety of factors, including climate and material of the exterior of your building. If your building is in the sun, you may have to paint more often due to the heat affecting the paint. In general, guidelines for exterior painting by material are as follows:


Wood siding: 3-7 years

Aluminum siding: 5 years

Stucco: 5-6 years

Brick: 15-20 years


Can I do it myself?

Before committing to paint your building’s exterior yourself, you should factor in time and safety. Professional exterior painters have experience on ladders and are insured for falls. It is also a major time commitment to do it yourself. That being said, if you wish to do it yourself it is doable. 


How do I pick a color?

First check with any homeowners associations you belong to and see if there are any rules about house colors. Then take into account things that will not be changing color (plants, patio, etc) and look for a color that will complement them. Of course you can always stay with the same or a very similar color as what you have now.


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