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Dog Friendly Outdoor Spaces

Dog retrieving ball

They say dogs are man’s best friend, so how can you make your outdoor space more friendly for your best friend? Here are some tips below to make your outdoor space more dog friendly.


1. Fenced yard

A fence is mandatory for a good dog friendly yard. It helps keep your dog safe by preventing them from running after balls or squirrels and into trouble, like the neighbor’s yard or traffic. Remember when choosing a fence that some larger dogs can jump six feet, so be sure to check on recommended fence heights for your breed. 


2. Think about how your dog plays

How does your dog like to play? Some dogs like to play ball, they will need a long strip of space with few obstacles. Other dogs like to climb on things and would love items like old tires that they could climb on. Consider how your dog will use the space.


3. A resistant ground covering

Sadly, most of the grasses used in lawns do not hold up to active dogs and frequent toileting. Your options for a more resistant ground covering to make an outdoor space more dog friendly include resistant grass such as Kentucky Blue Grass, mulch, and clover. If you go with mulch, make sure it is safe if a dog ingests it. Clover is resistant to turning yellow due to dog urine.


4. Water dishes

Have outdoor water dishes for your pup, so there’s no need to stop playtime to go inside and get a drink of water. Be sure to empty these dishes when your dog is inside, so that mosquitos don’t lay eggs in them.


5. Safety around water features like pools and ponds

While many dogs love to swim (or at least wade) in the water, if you have water features in your yard like a pond or a pool there are some safety precautions you should take to ensure your dog stays safe. Make sure your dog cannot accidentally fall into the water while playing, and that if he does get into the water he can get out again. Do not leave your dog unsupervised near water features.


6. Paths

Many dogs love pacing around the perimeter of their yard, so why not put in a built in path for them to do so on? This path is likely to see more traffic than the rest of the yard, so if the rest of the yard is grass, make the path something hardier, like mulch. This is a wonderful step to a dog friendly space.


7. Shady spots and sunny spots

Sometimes your dog will want to relax in the middle of a game of fetch in the shade, so give him a shady spot to do so. Likewise, there will probably be a time when he wants to sun himself, so a mixture of sun and shade is ideal.

8. Splinter free deck

Lastly, if you have any decking, make sure your four-legged friend isn’t going to get splinters from it. This can be accomplished with frequent sanding, or by switching to a composite deck.


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