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Dog Friendly Decks

dog on a deck

If you have a dog, you’ll want to make your deck as dog friendly as possible. This will allow you to enjoy time with your best friend in the great outdoors. A few improvements go a long way.

1. Chicken wire to keep toys from falling off

Chicken wire between the railing of your deck will discourage your dog’s toys from falling to the ground below. A problem I often have is my dog will play with his ball on the deck until it rolls off. Then he will freak out. Chicken wire discourages the ball from rolling off the deck and makes for a much more dog friendly deck. A handyman, such as those at Chevy Chase Exteriors can help install the chicken wire if you prefer not to do it yourself.

2. Water bowl

A water bowl is a must if you plan on spending large amounts of time on your deck with your dog. A plastic bowl is best, as a ceramic or steel bowl will heat up too much, and a glass bowl can have a magnifier glass effect and be a fire hazard. Put a mat down under it to prevent excess dribble from getting on your deck, and remember to keep your deck well sealed.

3. Splinter free decking

Splinters in wood are the bane of paw pads everywhere. One option is composite decking, which is splinter free and requires very little maintenance. Another option for a dog friendly deck is to frequently sand your deck. Chevy Chase Exteriors can help with either option.

4. Gate to stairs

If you have stairs leading down from your deck, add a gate with a dog proof latch. This way you won’t have to worry about Fido seeking adventures elsewhere while you enjoy deck time. 

5. Consider a cribbing solution for serious chewers

For serious chewers, an anti-chewing treatment on the wood may be required. Luckily, there are several sprays designed for horses who “crib” or chew on their stalls that can be applied to a deck. One such spray is Crib-Guard


Choose from any combination of these ideas to make your deck into a dog friendly deck!


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