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Designing an Outdoor Kitchen


Although a simple outdoor cooking space is enough for some people, some people desire more. If you’re looking at putting in a fully functional outdoor kitchen, here are seven things to consider when designing it.


A traditional outdoor kitchen will need utility hookups. These most likely include electricity, gas, and water. In addition you may also want to set up a television with access to cable, or extend your wifi.


Planning for utility hookups is necessary for both budgeting and figuring out where different aspects of the kitchen will go, such as the sink and the grill.


It’s best if your outdoor kitchen is close to both your indoor kitchen and your outdoor dining area. This way you can prep food inside, bring it outside to cook, and serve it before it gets cold.


The space you have available for your outdoor kitchen will affect what layouts you will want to consider. Just be sure to consider proper flow of the kitchen, as well as how many people will be cooking at a time. 


Which appliances you decide to add to your outdoor kitchen will be a personal choice, depending on how and what you like to cook. A brick pizza oven might be great for one cook, but not for another. 


You may wish to cook after dark, so it’s important that you add lighting to your kitchen and dining area. 


A dining area is vital, though slightly separate from an outdoor kitchen. When planning your outdoor dining area, be sure to read our blog on buying outdoor furniture, and our guide to materials for outdoor furniture.


Storage is always important in a kitchen, whether it’s located indoors or out. Make sure you plan ahead and put in plenty of cabinet space. This will allow you to find home for everything from tongs to meat thermometers.


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