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Deck Resurfacing or Rebuilding

staining a deck is part of deck refinishing

vestis virum facit”–Erasmus


If clothes make the man, then imagine what fully resurfacing a deck can do. 


To Resurface or Rebuild


Resurfacing is a great alternative to rebuilding when the underlying structure of the deck is sound. It results in a deck that looks brand new, with an entirely different look that the tired and worn out deck you had before but for a fraction of the cost.


If the underlying structure of the deck is not safe, a complete rebuild may be necessary


What is Deck Resurfacing?


Chevy Chase Exteriors offers two options for deck resurfacing. Option A, starts with replacing any boards that are damaged, then we deep clean the deck, before painting or staining and sealing it. This not only helps the longevity of the deck (as the paint or stain helps prevent cracks) but rejuvenates the appearance of the deck as well.


Option B is a more extensive resurfacing, replacing all the boards with different kinds of boards. For instance you might replace wooden boards with composite. This not only gives you an entirely different look from what you had before, but gives you the benefits of a composite deck as well. 


Rebuilding is a better choice when the underlying deck structure is unsafe, or is older and might become unsafe soon. Alternatively, rebuilding might also be a good option if you want to change the lines of the deck. Rebuilding involves entirely tearing down the deck, and starting over from scratch.


Whichever you choose, rebuilding or resurfacing, give Chevy Chase Exteriors a call at 202-470-3762 to see how we can help you

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