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Deck Renovation

Deck Renovations

Deck renovation–what does it include?

The short answer is that deck renovation is a catch all term for a wide variety of different types of maintenance and repairs. It can include anything from sanding down uneven, splintery boards to adding a bench. Here are somethings that might be included in a renovation.

Deck resurfacing

This is when the old boards are removed and new boards (perhaps of a different type) are put down. This is great if the old deck boards are past repair, or if the homeowner wishes to switch to composite or a different type of wood decking.

Deck refinishing

This is when the old finish is stripped off and the boards are sanded down (if needed) and cleaned and a new finish is applied. Stripping off old paint and repainting is one way to make a deck look significantly better and may play a big part in a deck renovation. In addition, properly used paint helps maintain the deck against water (similar to sealer). 


Repairs may also be included in the term deck renovation. While deck repair can include things as minor as a nail sticking up, usually when one speaks of deck renovation larger repairs are meant. However even minor repairs should be made as soon as you notice the deck is in need of them.

Add or change elements

When doing deck renovations it’s a great time to add a bench or change the railing to a more updated look. You can also add a trellis or built in planters. The possibilities are endless. 

Chevy Chase Exteriors

Whatever steps you decide to take in your deck renovation journey, Chevy Chase Exteriors is happy to help. For free consultations and honest estimates to help you plan what you would like to do, call or email today.



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