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Deck Gardening Tips

potted plant for deck gardening

Deck gardening is a great way to add greenery to your deck through the use of potted plants. This can be another way to have a

great looking deck

. If you do decide to get started with deck gardening, also read

our post on composting

.  Below are three tips to get you started on deck gardening.


1. Container type and size

There are a wide variety of container types that will work for decks. From traditional pots to built in planter boxes, choosing the one that works for you is important. If you’re ready to make a commitment to deck gardening and you know you’ll stay with that location for the plants, a built in planter might make sense. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to stick with traditional pots.

Within pots there is a wide range of size and materials. For size, bigger is better, as bigger pots are less likely to dry out and provide more root growth. As far as material goes, there are a wide variety to choose from. Each one has their own advantages and disadvantages, more information is

available here


Whatever kind of container you choose for your deck garden, think about drainage. Make sure it has sufficient holes to allow water to drain out, otherwise you will end up with soggy soil and rotting roots.

2. Soil

You’ll want to use a potting soil made for container gardening. These offer more drainage than regular soil mixes. In addition, you may need to add a slow release fertilizer to the soil for extra nutrients for your deck gardening

3. Sunlight

Be honest about how much sunlight you get on your deck. Most people overestimate the amount, so it is a good idea to time the hours of sunlight in the specific spot you wish to put the containers. Then plan which plants to use according to your sun schedule.

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