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Composite Deck Maintenance

red chairs around a table with an umbrella up on a low to the ground composite deck

So you’ve heard that composite decks require less maintenance, but how much is less?

Unlike a wood deck

First off we must set the bar for what is considered “less.” Wood decks require sealing every one to three years. Before being resealed, they must be deep cleaned and sanded. This is time consuming and expensive. 

In addition, if boards rot on a wood deck they must be replaced, lest they become a safety hazard. 

Composite decks maintenance

A composite deck like a Trex deck just requires a wash once a year. This can be done with a hose and mild cleaner or with a pressure washer. If you do it with a hose and mild cleaner, it can easily be done without the assistance of professional companies.

Because they are not wood, there is no need to worry about moisture getting in and warping the boards.

Composite deck boards will not rot or attract insects which make their home in wood, saving you money on replacing boards or pest extermination.






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