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Catio Types


In our blog on how to improve your home for your cat, we mention catios. But what is the best catio option for you? A catio is a safe outdoor enclosure where your cat can enjoy the benefits of the outdoors without the risks. Below are some of my favorite styles of catio. Catios can be built by a handyman or carpenter, or there are also prebuilt options available.


Window Catios

A window catio attaches to a window and can be as small as a box that allows your cat to sit surrounded by fresh air and sunshine. The cat can come and go from the catio by means of the open window.

Catios with human seating

Some catios are large enough to have seating for humans. This way you and your cat can enjoy the fresh air together. This type of catio almost doubles as a screened in porch for you, as it will keep bugs out while allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. 

Catios with tunnels

If you don’t have a spot right next to a door or window for a catio, fear not. Catios with tunnels allow the cat to travel from the house to the rest of the catio safely. The tunnels are above ground and enclosed in the same fencing as the rest of the catio. This lets the cat go from the window or door to a larger catio. 

Prebuilt Catios

If DIYing or hiring a carpenter or handyman seems like too much work, there are also prebuilt catios available for sale. You can find prebuilts of various types from small window boxes to large runs with room for human seating.


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