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Benefits of Exterior Home Painting

Exterior painting of a house

Are you unclear on the benefits of exterior home painting? Here are four benefits for you to think about. 

1. Home value

Did you know that according to exterior touch ups and curb appeal, including painting, add 2-11% to a home’s value? In addition exterior painting can make a home sell faster by increasing curb appeal. On average homes with good curb appeal sell faster and for more money. 


2. Protection from elements

It’s not just about looks, paint is your home’s first line of defense against the elements. Snow, rain, and humidity can all damage your home and the right paint helps keep them out. When older paint ages and cracks it lets more moisture in, which damages your home, then a new coat of exterior paint will protect your home.


3. Identify and prevent insect damage

The process of exterior painting includes checking for insect damage. Then, fresh paint will actually prevent wood eating insects such as termites from getting into your house. This is because termites will not eat through paint. In fact, painting is one of the recommended things to do if you have termites. 


4. Increased lifespan of siding

With the protection from the elements and prevention of insect damage, it’s no wonder that regular painting leads to an increased lifespan for siding. Increasing siding’s lifespan, saves you money in the long run.


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