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Are Gutter Guards Worth The Cost?

Are gutter guards worth the cost?

So you’ve heard about how they can save you  time and money, but are gutter guards worth the cost? Will gutter guards pay for themselves in saved money from gutter cleanings? Let’s take a look.

What are gutter guards?

If you’re not familiar with them, gutter guards are an addition that can be added to your gutters to prevent leaves and debris from falling in and getting stuck. The designs vary, but they all let water still access your gutter, allowing your gutters to work as intended. They drastically reduce the amount your gutters need to be cleaned, because leaves and dirt don’t get stuck inside. Read more about the benefits of gutter guards here.

How do they save you money?

Gutters without guards need to be cleaned a minimum of twice yearly, they may need to be cleaned more often depending on what kinds of trees you have in your yard. Gutters with guards need to be cleaned a minimum of once every two years. Just like regular gutters, the trees in your yard may mean you need to clean it more frequently. 

So are gutter guards worth the cost?

This depends on two factors, what you’re paying for your gutter cleanings and what you pay for your gutter guards. You should already know what you’re currently paying for gutter cleaning (and if you’re not using a professional gutter cleaning company, read about the benefits of doing so here). Now how much do gutter guards cost? This of course depends on the company you go with. Chevy Chase Exteriors offers very reasonably priced gutter guards, with the average being about $1250 (some of course cost more or less, depending on variables like the size of the gutter system). Most companies charge more, but we’ll assume you’re hiring us for our math.

Now, assuming gutter guards last six years, you’ll need to clean them three times. Compared to twelve times if your gutters were uncovered. That will save you the cost of nine gutter cleanings. Depending on what you’re currently paying for gutter cleanings, this could save you a LOT of money.

Further, if you read this article, you’ll see that gutter guards can save your gutters from damage like rust and ice blockages. If you factor in the potential cost of those, you’ll be saving a lot more money and hassle. 

What else can gutter guards save you?

It’s not just about money though, gutter guards also save you time and trouble. From saving you from potential disaster with damage, to cutting down on routine maintenance time, gutter guards are an investment in your peace of mind. 


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