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8 Kinds of Porches

a house with a porch
Are you confused by what different kinds of porches? Below we look at 10 different styles of porch and try to clear up confusion about what’s what. Like


, porches offer a variety of ways to

enjoy the outdoors



What does porch mean?

A porch is a low to the ground outdoor space attached to the building, usually in front. It to an entrance. You can build one with the building, or it can be added on after. Depending on the kind of porch, it offers a space to sit and watch the world go by.

1. Stoop

A stoop is a small landing at the top of a staircase leading to the building. The building’s roof may or may not cover the stoop. They are especially common in urban areas, where they have traditionally encouraged conversation. A stoop would be difficult to add after building a home.

2. Screened Porch

A screened porch is enclosed by screens to keep out bugs while allowing cool breezes and air to flow through. This allows you to enjoy the porch without worrying about mosquitos. In addition, they have a shade providing roof and sometimes a ceiling fan. This makes them much cooler than the general outdoors. They are also cooler than it would be inside without air conditioning, thanks to the breezes.
Screened porches are easy to add after building the house. One can either build them on top of an existing porch from the ground up.

3. Arizona Room

An Arizona Room is similar to a screened porch, but is typically located at the back of a house. Unlike a screened in porch or deck, an Arizona room typically has a tile floor.

4. Rain porch

A rain porch is a porch with a roof that goes far over the area of the porch, to keep rain from coming in sideways. Sometimes this kind of porch is also called a Carolina porch.Portico

5. Portico

Porticos are styled after Ancient Greek architecture. They are a kind of porch at the entrance of a building, with an extending roof and columns. Famous buildings with porticos include the Parthenon and the U.S. Capitol.

6. Veranda

A veranda is a roofed porch. 

7. Lanai

A lanai is a kind of veranda originating in Hawaii. Often lanai function as outdoor corridors to get from one room to another. Today some buildings have “enclosed lanai” with a glass wall on one side to allow one to stay in the air conditioning as they go from one room to another.

8. Sleeping porch

A sleeping porch is an enclosed screened porch set up for sleeping. The idea historically was to sleep in a room with better air flow in the days before electric fans and air conditioning.

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