7 Favorite Halloween Yard Decorations

cute tinsel bat on tombstone

Halloween is coming, so if you’re looking to decorate your yard with something more holiday specific than simple Fall decor,  here are some of our favorite picks for Halloween yard decor.

12 foot skeleton with LCD eyes

1. The 12 ft tall skeleton $299

There’s been a lot of buzz about this item on social media. The size alone is noticeable. It also features creepy eyes. Available from Home Depot

cute tinsel bat on tombstone

2. Moving tinsel bat on tombstone $40

If you’re thinking more cute than creepy, this tinsel bat which gently flaps its wings is a great way to go. Available from Target

Light up spider

3. 48 inch Spider $69.98

Why this spider only has two eyes I don’t know, but it looks great and will be seen well in the dark, an important consideration for Halloween yard decorations. Available from Lowes.

light up dragon skull

4. Color changing light up dragon skull $20

Good for indoor or outdoor use, this is just cool. Available from Target.

Halloween tree

5. Halloween tree $42.18

The spiders give this just the right touch of Nightmare Before Christmas. Only suitable for covered locations. Available from Home Depot.


animatronic witch

6. 51 inch ground breaking animatronic witch $76.68

You can pose her arms and she moves her head. Available from Lowes.

halloween bats

7. 25 inch LED mini bats set of 3 $99

These bats are quite pretty. Available from Home Depot



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