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5 Ways a Handyman Can Make Your Home More Accessible


If you’re thinking about aging in place, it’s important that your home be accessible to you as you age. A handyman can assist with many of the modifications necessary to help you get started. Some things may require specialists, but below are 5 accessible modifications a handyman can do.

Lever style door handles

When compared to traditional door knobs, lever style door handles require less grip and are easier for arthritic hands to use. It’s easy enough for a handyman to swap out the door knobs in your house, and it can make a big difference in your day to day life.

Grab bars in shower and by toilet

Putting grab bars by the shower and toilet can help increase independence and prevent falls. Grabs bars must be carefully installed, and it can be tricky to do. A handyman can be a big help here.

Toilet extender or higher toilet

Making the toilet seat higher makes it easier for older folks to use the bathroom. This can be accomplished either by using an extender, or by installing a taller toilet. Either way, a handyman can help you out.

Handheld shower head

A handheld shower head makes it easier to wash while sitting on a shower bench. Being able to stay in one place as you sit on the bench and move the shower head around can help prevent falls.

Cabinet knobs

Like door handles, many cabinet knobs are hard to use with arthritic hands. A handyman can swap these out for easier to grip designs to help you make your home more accessible.


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