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5 Problems Caused by Clogged Gutters

cleaning clogged gutters

You may be wondering what sort of problems can develop from clogged gutters and if it’s really worth it clean them.  The answer is that regular gutter cleanings prevent a number of problems from occurring in your house and roof and ultimately save you money. Here are five problems that can be prevented by regular and frequent gutter cleanings.


1. Water Damage

 One problem clogged gutters can cause is water damage including mold as well as rot, especially to the siding and windows of your home. This rot and mold can even creep inside, affecting both the interior and exterior.

2. Roof Damage

Overflowing gutters will cause the wood sheeting beneath the surface of your roof to rot, causing leaks. 

3. Cracked Foundation

If water overflows your gutters it will pool around the surface of your foundation. Then it can seep into the foundation, and if it freezes it will cause cracks. This is extremely expensive to repair.

4. Damaged Brackets

Clogged gutters put more weight on the brackets holding them to the house than clean gutters. The extra weight can cause clogged gutters to separate from the brackets, damaging them. 

5. Pests 

Clogged gutters make an attractive nesting ground for a variety of pests that you probably don’t want living that close to your house. The easiest way to prevent them from moving in is to keep your gutters clean.


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