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4 Tips To a Perfect Outdoor Living Space on a Budget

outdoor dining table is a budget friendly addition to your space


If you’ve read our article, “6 Tips to designing your outdoor living space” your next question may be, “great, but what if I’m on a budget?” Here are some tips to help you design your perfect outdoor living space on budget.


1. Patio stones 

Defining your space is important, and while a deck is the ultimate way to do so, patio stones are a great budget friendly option. Lay them down as a traditional patio, and/or perhaps create a path through your garden. If you don’t wish to lay the stones yourself, a handyman such as those at Chevy Chase Exteriors can do it for you.

2. Outdoor rug

Outdoor rugs are another great way to define your outdoor living space on a budget. Just make sure you get a proper outdoor rug that can withstand the rain in Maryland, we recommend synthetic materials.

3. Plants

Plants can make any outdoor space seem friendlier. If you’ll be planting on your deck, see our article on container gardening on your deck. One idea is to plant a pollinator garden full of native plants to enrich the local ecosystem. Information on pollinator gardens in Maryland can be found here.

4. Mood lighting

Instead of doing wired in lighting, consider battery operated for your outdoor space on a budget. While Christmas lights can be bought inexpensively after Christmas and look great, they may not work in parts of Maryland for year round usage as Squirrels can chew through the wiring. Stick on tap lights may be a better choice.


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