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4 Benefits of Screened in Porches

Screened in porch

There are many benefits to screening in your porch or veranda. A screened in porch brings all the positives of both outside and inside into one living area. Here are 4 benefits of a screened in porch.


1. Shade

The first and most obvious benefit of a screened in porch is the shade. Having a cool place to sit outside in summer months, away from the harsh sun is quite pleasant. With UV radiation from the sun being linked to both premature aging and skin cancer, staying in the shade is a real health concern.

2. Insect protection

A benefit of the screens on your screened in porch, is that they keep insects out. Thus preventing mosquito bites. This makes your evenings on the porch far more enjoyable.

3. Spend less time sweeping your porch

Screens also lead to less time sweeping your porch, as they keep leaves and other debris off your porch. Spend more time enjoying your porch, less time maintaining it.

4. Fresh air

One benefit of a screened in porch over a sunroom (aside from the price savings) is the fresh air. Fresh air has been shown to have many benefits, from increasing productivity, to fighting off illness. An easy way to get fresh air is to sit on your porch for 20 minutes while you sip your coffee in the morning and listen to birds sing. 


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